Couldn't find much information on thid artist except he left us some fabulous recordings in the mid to late 60's.

A blue eyed soul singer he's up there quality-wise with Alex Harvey, Chris Farlow, Don Fardon, Cliff Bennett... and released good versions of "Black Cloud" ( Chubby Checker ), "She's about a mover" ( Sir Douglas Quintet ), "I can't stand it" ( The Soul Sisters ), "I've lost you" ( Jackie Wilson ) as well as giving the world "The house of Jake" (1969) his little beauty.

Another under appreciated artist who deserves better exposure to fans of 1960's british soul.

He is known for his hit single "Call my name", released for the first time in 1966 in the general indifference in France and became popular in 1968, during the riots in Paris.

James Royal ( his real name is James Nairn ) was born in England the July 14th 1941 and he's living today in Australia.


1. Green Days
2. Morning Dew
3. I can't stand it
4. The house of Jake
5. Call my name
6. Work song
7. A little bit of rain
8. I've lost you
9. Move up
10. Time of my hands
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